Monday, October 1, 2018

2018 Updates - Sweet Pea

Since we’re getting ready for baby #3 and I’ve totally dropped the ball on this blog, I decided to update with a summary of what the boys are like now.
Sweet Pea, age 4. He is so different from age 3. He is much more little boy than toddler, with boy features, boy interests, and boy annoyance with the ol’ parents. We still occasionally get the toddler melt downs but, heck, I’m ten times his age and still go through those. Right now he is enrolled in pre-school 2x per week at our church. He goes through periods of dreading it and crying when he has to go, then periods where he is more resigned. Hate to tell him that the future is going to be long and arduous if pre-school isn’t agreeing with him. He’s a bit more on the shy and introverted side which is making it harder to make friends. If someone doesn’t want to play with him, he just goes off and does his own thing rather than attempting a different strategy to play. I don’t know how much of it is immaturity and how much is his personality. He is a chatterbox at home and rules the roost but doesn’t seem to know how to navigate peer relationships.

Even though he is non-descriptive when he talks about what he’s learning in school, he will shoot out some random nuggets days after the fact. “Did you know that we have electricity in our bodies?” We’re not allowed to say Hallelujah until Easter.” “Gravity is what keeps us on the Earth.” He seems to mull over things, putting together different concepts until he has questions or has formed an idea that he wants to share. I think he’s pretty bright – he’s already figured out that he needs a lot of money in order to not work when he’s an adult. There’s some vagueness about where he’s going to get this money (and some laziness) but, come on, that’s brilliant for a four year old!

His vocabulary is impressive and ever growing. He can now read his name and knows most of the alphabet. Counting to 20 is still a bit of a challenge. For some reason his preferred order is thirteen, fiveteen, fifteen,…. He loves playing video games and wants to be a gamer when he grows up, or at least post some videos on youtube. He will talk to you incessantly about his current favorite game and all his imaginary play is in video game terms: boss fights, battles, energy, lives, etc. He, also, likes playing card games, with his current favorite being Crazy Eights. He likes cooking and baking (but only real stuff – not using his play kitchen), the playground, Peppa Pig, story time, chasing his brother, fighting his brother, tic-tac-toe, hidden picture games, pepperoni pizza, Chilis (because of their game console), science, money, space, and superheroes.


7/11 update:  He is pretty officially potty trained now. It happened over the last couple of months and, besides a few accidents, has been a champ. So proud of him. He also really likes swimming now and isn’t too afraid of putting his face in the water. He has said so many funny things that I always want to jot down but forget. Bad mommy. He is quite witty though. He is kind, generous and good natured. We love the Sweet Pea so much.

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