Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Many Phrases of Sweet Pea

I wanted to write some of these down to remember them when he's older (or really for when we're older)!

1.  Super Goo - not quite sure why this was Superman's name. This has turned into Super Lukey - complete with theme song on his airplane. He loves fighting bad guys around the house and when playing, he's always the good guy. He has many super powers like super punches, super kicks and super speed - he's faster than lightning! One time he was on a swing and starting yelling, I'm Super Goo!!

2.  'Nana - a banana / not to be confused with his Nana Emerson

3.  Ooster - as in Happy Ooster! Ooster bunny and Ooster eggs (incidentally, we were having Ooster Egg hunts for weeks after his first one. Big hit!)

4.  When asked for the magic word (I was thinking 'Please') he responded, Miska...Mooska...Mickey Mouse?

5.  Deet Deets - Flies. I don't know why. He doesn't know why.

6.  When finishing Facetime with Gramma and Baba - "but I want to talk to them!"

7.  When making Ooster cards for the grandparents, had to make one for our robot too (the Roomba).

8.  Rocking horse is Super Pony.

9.  Cuckoo - the iPad. 

10.  Skitos - Mosquitos

11.  Walgreen's is the popcorn place because their sign looks like popcorn in a cup to him.

12.  At church one week a little boy came running up to him and he said hi. Then he looked at me and said, 'He doesn't know my name!' I told him to introduce himself the next time the boy came up and he said, 'I'm Lukey and this is my mommy' pointing to me. This was done repeatedly. :)

13.  Cookie dance that he shares with his daddy.

14.  Mayra - Maya.

15. A shopping cart is a trolley (thanks Peppa Pig)

16. Neminems - M&Ms.

17. Dablooms - balloons


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Five and Six Baby Pics!

Well, I have failed and somehow skipped an entire month of the pumpkin’s life. And they were, so far, the most active as far as his development. Things are really blossoming with our little army man. We’ve managed to get his eczema somewhat under control, as well as the rash that had been covering most of his body. These still flare up occasionally but I think he is by far more comfortable. His hair is barely starting to grow out now though he still looks like a tiny marine.  

Food:  He still loves him some bottle. Big time. And if he was to start crying for it, because we are too dumb or slow to get it to him when he wants it…watch out! The cry is ear piercing and will not hush until he physically has the bottle in his hands and is frantically trying to hit his mouth. And yes, he can hold his own bottle now! We have definitely been taking advantage of this development and setting him up in his bouncer to go to town. Real food is not going as smoothly. Every time I try to give him cereal he acts like I’m trying to poison him. The repertoire of expressions this guy has is incredible! I’m wondering if he has a discerning palate or if he just isn’t ready for food yet.
Sleep:  The pumpkin continues to be illusive in this area. There are definitely certain things that he likes before sleep – a full belly, a clean diaper, some music and something soft against his face (or over his face – I don’t know why my babies enjoy scaring me like this). For a while we were trying to get him to sleep in his crib since we worried about him getting out of his rock n’ sleep but he was having none of it…until he did not want to sleep in the rock n’ play anymore. Just one night from the next and the switch was done. Pumpkin is a baby that knows his own mind. He, however, does not know that we would like him to sleep through the night. Or maybe he does and he’s just messing with us. He’ll go 2-3 nights in a row lulling us into a false sense of security and then, BAM! Awake at 3 am several nights in a row.

Movement:  Pumpkin continues to be a very strong baby. He is one that needs to be strapped into any object that he’s placed into because he will roll, shimmy and ultimately work his way out no matter the cost to his safety. He’s officially rolling over from both directions but decidedly doesn’t like being on his belly yet. His sides seem to be okay. Grabbing toys, blankies and anything else he can reach and gnawing on them like a puppy dog is a favorite pastime. So is watching a cartoon about animated crayons called the Color Crew on the baby channel. There are very few things that will calm him down like watching those crayons color in different objects. Is an artist blooming? Likes doing Dada assisted sit ups.

Pumpkin, you’re turning into such a beautiful little guy. Your smile is so readily given and lights up everyone it hits. You love playing with your toys and taking in the world around you. You’re beginning to discover what you do and do not like and have no problem making those opinions known to us. There is nothing you like better than sitting in your bouncer and rocking it up and down with your legs. You do it so effortless you probably have abs of steel under that chubby little belly. And it makes me laugh to see you going but I know it is comforting to you. You even try to translate it to your crib and thump your legs a few times before settling down. Maybe Thumper would be a good nickname.
You enjoy baths and splashing around or sucking on a washcloth. Your brother is still a source of interest and curiosity. You enjoy being outdoors and seem to just want to be a part of the group when we got to restaurants or somewhere else. Driving still knocks you out unless you really aren’t tired or are hungry so your first trip to Houston was an easy experience. You love sitting up or being upright in general so I don’t think it will be too much longer until you’re doing it on your own. Your daddy is trying to help strengthen your abs by having you do sit ups on his chest. It is pretty amusing especially since you get in a few good kicks to his face.
Last, but not least, your Papa deemed your kisses, Sloppy Joes. Don’t take offense, because everyone loves to kiss on you, sweet baby.
Love you!