Tuesday, August 26, 2014

10 Months - Late but not Least

Since we are quickly approach 11 months, I will keep the 10 month update short (maybe) and try to add a bunch of photos. The highlight and major event of the month was a road trip to Flagstaff to visit my parents. We left on Saturday 7/26, spent the night in Albuquerque and arrived in Flagstaff on Sunday. Sweet Pea did amazingly well for being stuck in a car seat for 14+ hours. The night at the hotel was a little rough…we had him in bed with us and he cuddled up so close to his dad that he eventually pushed him completely out of the bed. When Dad left, he started making his way over to my side until his head was on my pillow and his leg was on my neck. He’s a little heat seeking missile! We also learned that he will gladly give himself kisses in a mirror for as long as you let him. I want to give him kisses all the time so I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less from him… But apologies to the maid service for having to clean baby slobber off the closet mirror.
Flagstaff was a great trip. The weather was wonderful and Sweet Pea had a fabulous time with his Arizona grandparents. He showed them and us that he had learned how to wave and did it nonstop for about a week (right hand only). He showed them he can crawl on his hands and knees and pull himself up to standing on just about anything. He showed them how much he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; that his mom is a liar and he actually LOVES taking a bath (who knew?!); and that he loves any and all food he can feed himself. And despite being given a virtual toy store, his favorite toys were a fly swatter and a 5 year old, worn out pinwheel. Kids. His parents learned that Grandma’s dog likes to hump little babies. Despite that, Sweet Pea was in an awesome mood the whole time and the new surroundings didn’t seem to faze him at all. The trip back was hard on all of us but we finally, gratefully, made it home the following Sunday.

Sweet Pea, your dad and I were so proud of you during the trip (and every other day). You kept a great attitude in the car despite not being able to move around and you made the whole trip a dream for us and your Soscia grandparents. We definitely were able to show you off and you pulled out some surprises of your own like the whole waving thing…were you saving that for a special treat?! It did not hurt that EVERYONE responded to it. You have such a great personality already – you love to smile and laugh, even when it is at yourself. And you put the Luke in Luke Flyswatter. Love you more and more and thank God every day for you.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Ultrasound Monday

That's a thing, right? Well, as I procrastinate writing the 10 month update some more, I decided to upload two of the Sweet Pea's ultrasounds. Not even a year old and so hard to believe he was in my belly!
3 Months - dancing baby!

6 Months - distinguished profile