Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Three Months Old

I can’t put any official weight and height measurements because Sweet Pea doesn’t go back to the doctor for another month. I can only say that he is definitely growing – bigger, longer, stronger and more handsome! He is officially out of the 0-3 month clothes and I need to start using the 3 month clothes up because I have no idea how much long he’ll be able to use those. We could probably move him into size two diapers too but we have a ton of size ones we want to use up. Waste not, want not and all that.
Lots of events this last month so I’m probably not going to remember them all. The big ones were his first Christmas, first time staying at the Jess’ parents’ house (and first official road trips) and the start of ‘daycare’. I’m continually in awe of how much love this little guy receives. Our trip to Spring, TX for Christmas showed us that multiple times. We got to show off the baby to the extended family and friends and he received lots of attention from his aunt, uncle, nana and grandpa. Babies really do bring hope and love to the people around them – even though they are the most self-centered little beasts!

Grandpa Love
Nana Love

First Christmas!
His girlfriend (he wishes)!
I started back at work right before New Year’s which meant Sweet Pea started going to Rachael’s home for care during the day.  The first week was really rough: just going back to work and getting used to that again; figuring out a morning routine for getting out the door with him and getting to work on time; and waking up for a feeding in the early AM without the possibility of a nap or sleeping in. With his last feeding at 10:00 PM, he’s waking up between 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM (though I heard rumor that he slept to 5/5:30 at Nana’s a few times). I’ve got to say that the first time he slept to 4 AM instead of 2 AM, which was the week before Christmas, was amazing to me! I felt so refreshed and over-joyed at my champion sleeper. But now that I can’t go back to sleep with him until 8 AM, I’m wishing he would extend this time by another hour or so. It would really help me out if you could work on that, Sweet Pea. 

The biggest adjustment with returning to work is simply not being with him during the day and getting used to someone else caring for him and experiencing all the ‘firsts’ before we do. His daycare arrangement is awesome though. We are so grateful that Rachael and Donavon opened their hearts and their home to our baby. He gets to be entertained by their beautiful, loving kids during the day and is utterly exhausted when he gets home! I know Rachael will care for him like he’s her own and that makes me feel at peace while at work.
Sweet Pea, even though there were times during the last three months that I was longing to go back to work just to get away from you (I know, but I'm just being honest - it was hard!), I’m sad that we don’t have that time alone together anymore. It was such a huge time of change and adjustment but there were many precious moments that I will cherish. The last few weeks of the year were especially fun – you started really looking around at things, taking an interest in your surroundings and in your dad and me. You started smiling every day, multiple times a day and laughing and entertaining yourself with babbling thoughts that you found hilarious. I actually put you in your crib one day over the weekend and you stayed there for forty minutes without crying! Every time I checked on you, you’d smile up at me and then go back to moving those arms and legs and laughing. You probably would have stayed content longer but I picked you up wanting to share in your happiness and get some more smiles for myself.

There is nothing better than your smiles. Your eyes literally twinkle and your smile has this shy, flirty quality to it that melts my heart – if you could bat your eyes, I think you would! You’ve gotten so much stronger and can basically hold your body upright when being carried (as long as you’re not too sleepy – then the bobble head comes back). On your tummy you can pop your whole upper body up reminding me of a prairie dog and when I put you in your crib, I often find you with your feet where your head used to be. You have also discovered the TV this month and it is utterly mesmerizing to you. We try not to let you watch because it is bad for your new little eyes but you’ll fight us and contort your body to get a glimpse! We haven’t put you in your crib to sleep yet but should probably start because that bassinet is getting a bit too cozy; you’re head and feet almost touch both ends at the same time! I just find it easier being in the same room with you during the night still.

Your legs are moving like you want to crawl, your mouth is moving like you want to talk and you no longer want us holding you all the time and actually stop crying when we put you down sometimes. I can see the future and it is filled with pure energy with my baby boy on the move wanting to explore everything!  
Love you!

Crazy eyes
Bottle bliss