Friday, March 8, 2019

Bunny Bear Firsts

There is only one month left in the little Bunny Bear’s first year of life. It has gone by so quickly that I barely remember things that happened when he was first born. As of right now, he sleeps through the night, though it took us awhile to get there; he has four teeth on top and three to four on bottom; loves cereal puffs; hates being locked up in the ‘baby cage’; and has the strongest death wish of the three. He pokes at outlets, puts everything in his mouth, tries to hit his head on sharp objects, likes standing in his high chair and is already trying to escape his crib. He is part Team Cuddly Monkey and part Mr. Independent. He sat up, started crawling and standing all at seven months. His first major unassisted steps were a few days ago at 11 months though he is an expert stander. He is content right now to let his brothers be the center of attention as long as he’s included and doesn’t cry unless he is feeling left out, hungry or tired. He likes his pacis, blankets, balls, books and bottles. Balloons, however, freak him out a little. Loud voices and No make his lower lip poke out in the most adorable way.

He is the first and only guy in the family to have an extra hospital stay thanks to a virus at 6 weeks that turned into meningitis. Scary situation looking at this tiny little buttercup with all the lines and IVs attached to him. I hope to God that we never have to experience that again. He did really well though and was out after 24 hours.

I’m still trying to figure out the Bunny Bear’s personality as it is developing. He definitely is a social guy and I can see he is going to be a great playmate for the other two, or at least an endearing shadow for them. He’s pretty quick to laugh, especially when tickled under his chin. He seems even-tempered as long as his needs are met – food, sleep and friends. He is very determined when he starts something. Trying to figure out how to get out of the baby gate turns him into MacGyver and he won’t stop. He loves cuddling unless he wants to do something else. And carrying on in the tradition started by his two brothers and mother, he loves a good snuggle with a blanket. He almost starts purring when he gets one. He’s a pretty good eater but there are definitely things that don’t appeal to him. He acted like I was poisoning him the first time he tried avocado. His oldest brother is his biggest fan and the middle brother has no use for him yet. Luckily, his parents are totally in love and can’t imagine our family without the Bunny.  

Introducing our newest bunny...I mean baby

In 2017 we found out that we were expecting another blessing – another baby boy! I’ll try to come up with a better nickname but right now he is Bunny Bear. He arrived on 4/5/18 at 7:30 pm weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz and ____inches. He was three weeks early due to some pregnancy complications (cholestasis) and the smallest of the three. I’ve never held a baby that small and yet, I didn’t feel the same nervousness with him. That was the Bunny essence of him - he seemed so tiny and so fragile. I felt pretty confident taking care of him, a first with any of the babies. He was quite cozy in his little bunny burrow (my uterus) and the medical staff had to use what felt like considerable force on my body to get him out. Again, the umbilical cord was wrapped around him so it was a good thing we got him out early. And he came out like a Bear – roaring! He didn’t stop crying until the nurses finally covered him up and got him nice and snuggly. For weeks, he’d cry anytime he was unwrapped.

He’s quite a little sweetheart. In the hospital, he would hum as he slept. It was the strangest, sweetest thing, like he was soothing himself to sleep. He spent his nights in the nursery and the nurses would comment on it like they’ve never heard of a baby doing that before. He’s also slightly judgmental. I think it’s the eyebrows. He furrows them quite a bit while looking at you. And he’s got the ability to raise the left one up independently. It makes me feel like he’s not very impressed with what we have going on. And he’s beautiful. I know everyone feels that about their babies but Bunny Bear’s got something special going on. He’s blemish and birthmark free. Just a beautiful face. No rashes. No spitting up excessively. He eats and sleeps very well (he can sleep through the screaming and yelling of his older brothers – I wish I had that talent). Loves being held but also is okay with laying in his crib for a bit. His first smile was at 2 months and his first laugh was at 3 months. And I have to brag here – I made him laugh! First time ever! Sweet Pea laughed at our dog, Maya; Pumpkin laughed at Sweet Pea; the Bunny Bear laughed at me (and I will not listen to any other version which may have him laughing at his dad first).

Monday, October 1, 2018

2018 Updates - Pumpkin

Pumpkin, age 2. 

OMG. This kid is a riot. He is talking so much with his favorite subjects being ‘dinoRoars’, McDonalds (fries and chick’n nuggets), Duggee and ‘hipad’ (iPad). He no longer says Yesh for Yes but still says Chee-its (Cheezits) ahpops (lollipops) and appsauce (applesauce). He absolutely hates going to bed and cries every single night. He only eats about four things in the entire world and most of them can be found at his favorite restaurant. He loves being chased by people, being tickled, being left alone and, apparently, I am one of the few people that can give him a bath without having him cry. His dimples. His dimples and smile will stop your breath and make you forget what a two-year old he can be. He’s still pretty quick to swing between laughing and temper tantrums but I’m hoping he will even out in another year or so. I tell people he’s a really happy guy, until he isn’t and he’s willing to try anything, unless he isn’t. He’s pretty stubborn and will cry for long stretches of time even if there is no change in his situation. He cried (screamed) for 45 minutes during his first swim lesson, standing at the side of the pool looking at me. It was pretty intense. He doesn’t like to give hugs or kisses until the few times he catches you off guard by doing it and then they are the sweetest gifts in the world. He likes performing and being the center of attention but he, also, loves, loves, loves his older brother. They are Pete and Repeat, and Pumpkin will follow the kid all over the house. Luckily, Sweat Pea doesn’t mind the adulation and likes having a friend he can boss around…until he can’t.
Pumpkin loves reading books about dragons or fighting, he loves watching Godzilla and King Kong movies with his godfather and loves wearing dinosaur or Hulk t-shirts. He is the first of the boys to care about what he wears and protests when we try to take something off that is a favorite, even if it is long sleeved dinosaur pajamas in 100 degree heat. He plays with cars, superheroes, bubbles and dinosaurs. He loves “fighting” with you, playing hide-and-seek, chasing and being chased. He’s in the stage where he’s my shadow at times. Protesting that he wants me to change his diaper (thanks), me to fill his water (thanks), watch tv with him, and go wherever I am going. Speaking of water, he drinks more than a grown man after being stranded on a desert island. It is unceasing. He’s very coordinated with his motor skills and seems to be more mechanically inclined. He likes trying to figure out how things work and to do it by himself. And he’s pretty patient (yes, until he isn’t). He doesn’t get upset when we’re trying to figure out what he is saying or when he’s trying to accomplish a task that is difficult. He just keeps trying.

He loves wearing sunglasses and other accessories at times and looks cooler than me or his dad have ever managed. I am so looking forward to seeing his personality development and what kind of man he will become. He has the capacity for a lot of love and a lot of joy and I hope he tempers the flip side with good decision making and high moral character. I believe he will be a leader and a force to be reckoned with in this world.


July Update – He’s gotten sweeter and more temper tantrum-y at the same time in the last few months. He will gives hugs and kisses now but will also resort to foot stomping and screaming when told no. At least there is some ying to the yang. He’s very aware of his relationships now and will tell you that he has no friends and no one will play with him when older brother refuses. He tells you he misses someone ‘so much’ and that he loves you. He likes giving kisses and handshakes at the sign of peace to people he likes. And he’s starting to ask some good questions. At church recently he asked what the cross was that we were standing next to and I told him it was Jesus’ cross. Then he asked where Jesus was and I told him Jesus was all around us and in our hearts. Then he asked where the real Jesus was. Had to give him that and answered Heaven.
He’s starting to love playing games on the iPad and Xbox – anything to do with Zombies, Iron Man, Spider Man or Hulk Buster. He loves his blankies – he’s got about 4 of them that he takes everywhere and his bottle still. Can’t seem to get him off those yet. He’s excited for his birthday and Halloween and will do anything for candy.