Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to Work

First day back to work and I'm missing my baby intensely. I know he's being taken care of but I wish he was home with me. So, I'll add to my misery by looking at pictures of him for most of the day! These are from his photo session. Isn't he adorable?!?!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holy Water and HOLY, ICE!

Sweet Pea was baptized on December 8, 2013. This also corresponded with one of the worst ice storms in DFW history (at least my history in DFW). My family and Jess' family were planning on coming in to witness and celebrate this event in the little guy's life. Then the Icepocalypse hit. My parents came into town the night before the storm so they were only stuck at the hotel for most of the weekend - unbelievable! At least they got to spend some time with the baby and see how much he's already grown in just a month. (I can't wait to take him to Arizona some time this year - I hope.) The Atlanta contingency didn't have any problem with flights but David's flight was cancelled and delayed numerous times. He finally was able to get on a flight that arrived late on Saturday. We told Jess' family to not even attempt the drive - the roads were horribly dangerous and we didn't see the point in risking their lives for a 15 minute ceremony. Sweet Pea's Godparents, Bryan and Colleen, were great sports about making the trek to UD and we were fortunate enough to have Rachael, Donavon, their kids, along with my cousin Peter and one of his adorable kids, at the church as well. The ice remained until the middle of the next week and flights out were cancelled and delayed as well. I think it is safe to say that my family will not be travelling back to Dallas during the winter for years to come.

Sweet Pea was asleep through the entire Mass; therefore, he was wide awake and more than willing to cry during his entire Baptism. I was thinking we needed an exorcism instead. My mom helped me dress him in the gown that her grandmother had made into a Baptismal gown out of her wedding dress. Several generations in my family had worn the same gown and it is wonderful that he is now apart of that chain as well. Father Dan Dvorak did a great job and I think Jess and I were the only ones cringing and stressing out while trying to hush our newest little Catholic. All the crying wore him out (and maybe a bit of that sanctifying grace helped) and he slept for the next four hours straight. Go figure.

St. Luke and St. Andrew, please pray for our little guy. And welcome to the Body of Christ, Sweet Pea!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Month Two Update

Happy two month birthday little Sweet Pea!

Weight: 11 lb 8.5 oz
Length: 23.75 in.

Month Two felt much like Month One but looking back on it, a lot of growth and progress was made by both the baby and I. I am starting to get a little better at this taking-care-of-a-newborn thing, maybe. Did I say that in the one month post too? Probably by the time I feel completely comfortable, I'll realize that he is no longer a newborn or an infant at all! It struck me hard the other day that it is December and at the end of December I will be going back to work. I started to miss these days of being home with him and I was at home with him! Luckily, Sweet Pea will be in excellent hands at Aunt Rachael's house. We could not have asked for a better person to take care of him. I won't dwell on that inevitability anymore but share about his second month.

The Sweet Pea definitely started to be more alert and awake during the day. He's had some tummy and reflux trouble that has made him pretty uncomfortable for most of his alert time but we're trying out some Zantac to see if that helps. We started playing on the activity mat most mornings after Jess leaves for work. At first he couldn't care less about the toys above his head but loved staring at the window - light mesmerizes him. He's finally starting to look at the toys now though and, more importantly, he's looking at our faces! It is so gratifying to see his eyes focus on ours and, even more wonderful, he's starting to smile at us. I get the most smiles while singing to him while I'm changing him; Jess gets them by talking in this super high-pitched voice. But he saves his biggest, most gummiest, baby smiles for sleep and when we are not looking at him, the little stinker. I like to think at those times his guardian angel is playing with him.

He's definitely grown out of his newborn clothes and most of the 0-3 month old clothes (sometimes I wonder if it is because I've shrunk them - this 100% cotton thing is kicking my butt). The 3 month old clothes are still a little big but will probably fit in another week the way/weigh he is growing. Big events for month two were his first Thanksgiving, an infant photo session and his two month doctor's appointment (read: vaccines). Thanksgiving was spent at home with Nana and Grandpa Emerson coming up for a couple of days along with a quick visit from Uncle Matt and his girlfriend, Sarah. As always, the grandparents are Godsends when they make the trek up and Sweet Pea LOVES being held by someone all day.

I was super nervous about getting his picture taken...he can be a very fussy baby for hours and hours at a time and spits up profusely at most feedings, I wasn't sure if he would be able to settle down enough to get a good photo. I haven't seen the images yet but he was a good sport and actually fell asleep for some of it so I think we'll have some keepers. The doctor's appointment was the same day and, again, was a perfect angel until the shots. Don't blame him at all and even though it broke my heart to see him cry during them, he has the cutest sad face ever!

Sweet Pea, most of the last month has been spent researching if what you are doing at any one moment is typical of babies, i.e. being my most anal, obsessive self. I've spent hours reading books, blogs and community boards to get some insight into you and what you should/shouldn't be doing. It's hard for me to relax into the gray area of baby life and being a mommy but I realize that I need to 'go gray' or go crazy! I think because there are extended times during the day, most days, that you seem so uncomfortable that I am constantly worried about you but you are a great baby. You have definitely been crying a lot more - you want to make sure your opinion is heard and it is, probably by most of our neighbors too! You have the cutest crying face though, starting with your bottom lip sticking out in a precious pout, so it makes the crying pretty adorable to me. You don't like your baths very much yet but you don't cry during diaper changes anymore unless you're hungry too. And we better not try to burp you while feeding soon as we remove the bottle, the little tea kettle in you goes off in 2 seconds flat until that bottle is put back in your mouth. One thing that soothes your crying is the Christmas tree lights - you are fascinated by them. I might keep the tree up for the next year!

You can hold your head up for the most part; it gets very bobbly still when you are tired and you use it as a weapon when you are angry and crying. You have head-butted your dad too many times to count - I guess you are both hard-headed! Sleeping in someone's arms is still your favorite, but since we started giving you the antacid medicine, you've been able to settle yourself down to sleep for a few naps a day. You've been so good about setting your own schedule that I hope you are able to put yourself to sleep eventually and we can start putting you in your crib without 'sleep training.' That will need to happen soon as your bassinet is starting to get a little tight and you, little dude, like to spread those arms and legs out. Car rides and walks are tolerable right now but I hope by the spring you'll be able to enjoy the outside more.

You sleep for a 4 hour stretch at night and then a 3 hour stretch that can turn into 5-6 hours if I bring you into bed with me before feeding you again. You cuddle up right next to me or your dad and seem perfectly content to spend the morning there until you get hungry again. You've definitely learned how to get what you want by using my love of sleep against me! When sleeping on people you have started rubbing your face back and forth against their body like you are trying to bury your nose into them. You usually end up with your face dug deep into an armpit but, despite my worry that you aren't able to breathe like that, you seem perfectly content.

Last, but not least, you have survived the Icemegeddon of 2013! Unfortunately, it has coincided with your baptism weekend but I'll have more on that in the next post.

Love you!

Bath Time
Watching Dad watch football
Tears after vaccines  :(