Monday, September 15, 2014

Eleven Months - Bye-Bye!

Yes, the Sweet Pea is eleven months old and you know what that means, my heart is going to break in another month...I can't think about that right now...sniff...sniff..

Ok, the biggest event of the month was a visit with the Emersons! He got to spend some quality time with his Nana, Papa, Aunt Jam Jam and Uncle Mattie and he had a blast being spoiled by everyone. He practiced at standing up by himself all month and is adroit at walking around holding onto anything except for people; he tends to flop when someone tries to walk with him. He does not want to be held down or constrained by anyone or anything: no diaper changing, no hand holding, no hats or hoods, nothing on the head at all, no nail clipping, no wiping his face and hands, no changing clothes, no chicken costumes. What does he like? Pretty much everything else. He loves feeding himself, baths, balls, dropping balls, chasing balls, picking up balls, the dogs being dogs, anything outside, soft blankets, light fixtures, ceiling fans, his crib mobile, rubber ducks, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the song Let It Go, water bottles, pacies, waving bye-bye, peek-a-boo, walks, being 'chased' by the dogs, climbing stairs, his octopus night light, a flyswatter, drinking from water bottles, and on and on. Oh, and I think he has two new teeth up top, the lateral incisors, and is working on the central incisors - that's right, I looked up the names of teeth. I haven't gotten a good view of them (see things he doesn't like above) but I definitely feel the lateral incisors poking through.

Sweet Pea, I'm thinking that you love an audience. You act all shy when I'm there to hold on to but it seems like the more people that are around, the more you like talking and smiling and interacting. Either that or you are bored with Mom and Dad. You are a momma's boy right now which hurts your dad's feelings a bit and makes me feel really good...I mean guilty. Yeah, guilty. But really good. I know the tables will turn soon enough so I'm enjoying the attention while I can. Your tight hugs make everyone happy though and you are quick to give them.

You LOVE eating and so far there aren't too many things that turn your face sour. As long as you can put it in your mouth yourself, you will eat it. (I'm a little worried that you will go Beast Mode on your birthday cake. I can envision a tummy-ache if we don't take it away or a tantrum if we do. I guess that is part of the fun!) You've learned the fake out: you will pretend to hand someone something but take it away at the last minute and laugh at their disappointment. You've also learned how to wave bye-bye when someone just says goodbye and we're working on giving five and blowing kisses. You're still unsure of your horse but will go seek it out in the spare bedroom and hoot at it for awhile. That is pretty courageous in my book.

Love you forever,

Angry Chicken
Chilling out with Papa
Checking out Great-Grandpa
Suiting up for his first Cowboys game
Black Mail Photo Fun w/the Chambers