Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Two Months and Trucking!

Weight: 13lbs 8oz (85th percentile)

Length: 23.5 inches (75th percentile)

The Pumpkin is 2 months old! As I alluded to in the previous post, the first month was smooth...a little too smooth apparently because we got our bottoms kicked by this little one in month two. He went from being the baby that never cried to the baby that always cried. For several weeks we thought he had colic: crying for about 4 hours a night most every night. It eased up during his 8th week so we're hoping it is a sign of better things to come. He's being dealing with a lot of reflux issues too - a lot worse than his brother's. He was arching his back and neck so much that I was worried...never look up what neck arching is a symptom of besides reflux. In fact, note to self: never look up any other symptoms ever again. Of course, when I took him to the doctor to discuss these symptoms, the Pumpkin was smiling and cooing at the doctor like he didn't have a care in the world.

The one good thing about the colicky behavior was that the Pumpkin would sleep for 5-6 hours after it. Otherwise he eats about every 2-3 hours. He has definitely been awake more and we've tried out some of his toys. By far his favorite is laying on his changing table and looking up at a fish painting and a whale painting on the wall above him. I swear he can only see the edges of each of the paintings but he coos and smiles and laughs at both of his friends. There is a starfish up on the wall too, but it is either too far away from him to see or he is anti-starfish. When we lift him up to see the whale and fish straight on, he purses his eyebrows and stares at them like he doesn't recognize them. I'll just say it - it is weird but whatever makes him happy!

Like most babies, he is the happiest being held but he sleeps in his rock n' play pretty darn well. When he is crying though, very little will calm him down for long. I'm hoping the reflux medicine he is on now and just being older will help him feel better. He seems to be enjoying laying on his play mat more. My mom said that she thought Sweet Pea was the happiest baby ever but Lil' Pumpkin might have him beat. He really wants to be happy, and vocalizes and smiles a ton more than his brother did at this age. And his smile is adorable - full on dimples!

Pumpkin, though the last month has been rough, I feel like all of us might be figuring things out. It is hard getting all your body parts and functions online but things seem to be coming together for you more and more. You are already thrusting your head up like you want to sit up and do enjoy sitting up straight and looking around. You surprised and delighted your Daddy by sitting through most of an Aerosmith concert on TV. You love being bounced and vibrated and rocked in every kind of way, fall asleep soundly in the car every single time, and watch your brother's antics thoughtfully. You actually seem to watch most of the things in your world thoughtfully and curiously. But when you are happy or hangry, you express yourself loudly and full force. From the delight you take in your whale and fish friends to the absolute need for a bottle RIGHT THIS MINUTE some things need to be shared! I hope you keep it up and don't get drowned out by your dramatic older brother. You're too special.

You like looking out windows and at ceiling fans but people capture your interest as well. We kept the tree up as long as possible so because seeing the lights would calm you down. You hate having air blown in your face - you act like you're being attacked. You don't fall asleep on people too much but need to be rocked to fall asleep. When you are being held by someone, you move around constantly until they stand up, then you seem more content. We're still getting to know who you are but so far you are the sweetest little pumpkin.


Monday, February 1, 2016

A New Addition to the Corner

Weight - 8lbs 7oz
Length - 20.5 inches.

As of 11/25/15, there was a new addition to Sweet Pea Corner - the little Pumpkin! He was born on a dark and stormy night at 7:52 in the morning. Wait... Okay, it was actually a dark and stormy morning when we left for the hospital for the C-section. But our little ray of sunshine broke into the world holding his head high and looking you straight in the eye. It is that directness and dignity that I hope are a sign of things to come in the little pumpkin's life. The nurse called him our little linebacker because of his broad shoulders. And he really was very alert. I remember it took the Sweet Pea about a day to even open his eyes but this big dude was focused and ready to go as soon as he was born. I think he knew he'd have to keep his wits about him if he wanted to survive living with a two year old.

My parents came and stayed with us to help ease the adjustment of another family member. They got to spend a lot of quality time with both boys and I'm grateful for their help and generosity. Adjusting to another newborn was a little bit easier for me this time around and I'm grateful for that as well though we're all still trying to get our bearings a bit.

Pumpkin, we've spent some time discussing how similar and different you are from your brother. Our conclusion? You are very, very different - from the military haircut you were born with and your wide crazy eyes, to your tapered fingers and long toes. You took a bit to get the hang of eating in the hospital but when you out! You gained over half a pound in the first week when most babies lose weight. Your body reminded me of a weightlifter's that focused too much on the upper body. Your head and torso are huge compared to your spindly little legs. I hope they catch up because I don't know how you are going to walk on those! Where your brother is a bit of a drama king, you seem to be more mellow and happy. You don't cry during diaper changes or clothes changes or baths and for your first month we thought you were going to be the easiest baby. Then month two happened but I will discuss that later. :) You are so alert and love looking around at everyone and everything and will look people right in the eyes. Your brother draws your attention frequently and I think you two will be great friends. You make a lot more baby noises than I remember your brother did - actual cooing which your brother deemed as hooting and called you a baby owl. Well, my friend, the description sort of fits you and you're the most adorable little owl.

It has been a bit of an adjustment keeping up with your brother and taking care of you at the same time but we're starting to get the hang of it. Right now you are such a mystery to me; I can't wait to see who you become. In the meantime, I will enjoy holding you and looking into your big, bright, crazy eyes!

Going home!
Love you little Pumpkin!

First bath!
First smile captured!
Surviving a Christmas hug
Pope Pumkin
Being Super Goo Baby is hard work

Two! Two! Two!

Height: 37 inches

Weight: 30.5 lbs

Sweet Pea is two! Okay, at the time I'm writing this he is actually almost two and a half but we've had a busy second half of the year: moving to a new house and having a new baby brother who will make his debut on the blog soon! He has changed sooo much just from August until now. His vocabulary and conversation skills have quadrupled and he is talking up a storm and coming up with his own phrases and ideas. It's a lot of fun talking with him and seeing what he thinks about the items in his world. He calls Superman Super Goo; the thorny balls that fall from the trees in our yard are called Owies (I bought a starburst type wall d├ęcor thingy and that is an Owie too.) Bird poop is Rooster Eggs (I have no idea how...). My dad is Babba. The ipad is cuckoo. When he doesn't want me to do something, like sing along with a song, he puts his hand on my arm or shoulder and says sadly, "No Mama, no." When he wants more milk, he screams at the top of his lungs "MILKY!!!!"

Other changes: He's a bit scared of the dark now and won't go in a room if the lights are off because there are ghosts and bats and spiders and bad guys in there. Halloween had more of an effect on him than we thought though I've tried to tell him that any ghosts were happy ghosts or friendly ghosts. This was the first year that he got into the holiday season. For Halloween we gave him a choice of costumes and he picked Super Goo, naturally. He said 'Trick or Treat' at every house and thought getting candy from people was great fun, naturally. And he actually liked handing candy out at the house when we got back home. At Christmas, he helped put ornaments on the tree, decorated his own little Christmas tree and loved seeing the lights on all the houses in the neighborhood. He learned about Santa and that we got presents on Jesus' birthday.

He is also showing an interest in the potty and peed on the potty once at Rachael's! To be honest, we haven't really done anything to encourage him at home because we're still exhausted by our newest addition but we should probably get on this potty training thing while he is showing he wants to do it. Speaking of the little Pumpkin, Sweet Pea is the best big brother. Most of the time he is very loving and smiles really big when we talk about his baby. He helps with diapers, feeding and getting pacies (though it sometimes ends up in his mouth first.)

Sweet Pea, you are an interesting, fun, loving, fun-loving and funny little boy. You have the best comedic timing, love being tickled and crack yourself up with jokes no one else can understand. When you get excited you prance around with happy feet. And when you're about to do something you know you're not supposed to, like taking my soda, the happy feet and a big smile come out as you slowly move toward your goal and see whether someone will stop you. You like helping out with grown-up chores like sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming (I should hire you out), taking care of the baby, picking up sticking and leaves, throwing items in the garbage and putting your dishes in the sink. Putting away your toys is not a fun activity sadly. You still constantly ask me where Dada is when he just barely left the room; you love going outside, the playground, running errands and superheroes. Mickey is still your favorite show but you'll watch a lot of other cartoons now for which we are all grateful. You like cookies, donuts, candy and ice cream but ask for seconds on veggies and fruit. We love you so much, Sweet Pea, and are enjoying the wild ride of watching you grow!