Thursday, March 24, 2016

Three Months and Thriving

Whenever anyone asks about the Pumpkin, I tell them that he's good baby but we're still figuring things out. We started the month on antacids and that seemed to help a lot. Much of his irritability and physical symptoms like the back arching, crying, gagging, etc. was resolved but there still seemed to be something bothering him. And, me being me, I'm determined to get to the bottom of it, for better or worse. When my parents were in town for the PumpKing's baptism, everyone got sick, including the little guy. I had been starting to wonder if he had a milk allergy too so my parents switched his formula to a soy one while I was sick in bed. Again, it seemed to help and even his eczema was going away but few days later, it came back. He's definitely able to settle down more and isn't tortured by gas like he used to be but he spits up waaaaaay more than I remember his brother doing.

We (I)'ve been putting off his baby photos. I was too overwhelmed at first and figured I'd have time
(HA!); after all, I didn't get his brother's first photos done until after 3 months. On the day of his photos though, the Pumpkin broke out into a rash that covered his whole body. The poor thing looked miserable and was even spitting up more than normal. So Sweet Pea stepped in and had a solo photo shoot which he absolutely loved. Nothing better to him than being the center of attention. Another bad thing about the rash is Pumpkin started waking up twice a night again after he's only been waking up once a night (and slept through the entire night once!!!). I can't blame him though because I'd probably be up all night if I had a rash like his.

Back to Pumpkin, his Baptism on 2/6 went really well. We had it at St. Philips' with several other families and Father McDaniel officiating. My parents and Jess' mom were in town for it, the Chambers were all in attendance and ready to take on the duty of Godfamily-ing and Sweet Pea's own Godfather was able to make it for the Sacrament and both Godparents for the celebration afterwards. Pumpkin was a little crotchety during the lead up to the big moment. Timing a bottle for these things never works out and the little guy was hungry. But as soon as the Baptismal waters were poured on his head, he quieted down and looked into his Daddy's eye, almost with wonder. Again and again, I'll state here how completely and utterly opposite my two boys are. While the holy water made his brother cry out angrily (like it was burning him - I'll say no more), Pumpkin looked like he was experiencing a truly holy moment and it was beautiful.

PumpKing, though we are still 'figuring things out', we have figured one thing out for sure: you love to smile and have the bestest baby smile ever. You smile back at anything with a smiley face...people, stuffed animals, books, cartoons, etc. Your swing was a Godsend from Aunt Jamie - you actually are soothed by it most of the time and will fall asleep in it. Sometimes we let you sleep in it all night because it is the only thing that will get you back to sleep.

You love being held but do not want to look at or relax into the person holding you. You crane your head hard to the left (and sometime to the right) and still push away from the person who is carrying you. It makes you a bit wily to hold and again makes me investigate possible reasons why you would do this - do I have bad breath? It is like you want to look at something behind you, but when we turn so you can face what you are trying so hard to see, you try again to look at what is behind you. Is the grass always greener behind you or are you paranoid and trying to watch your own back? Maybe that is why you've got those crazy eyes..."they" are after you. Hey, are you in the witness protection program? That would explain a lot.

What? No paci?!
You still don't like the paci and it baffles your parents and brother. Especially your brother. He can't seem to understand why a baby wouldn't want one in their mouth all the time and tries to help you out by shoving yours in your mouth. We just wish you would take a paci because it seemed to help soothe your brother a lot. You are starting to find your hands though and enjoy sticking those in your mouth...

All in all, I think you are going to be a pretty cool kid. Your smiley side gives me hope that, once we figure out what is bothering you or you just grow out of being bothered, you will be a happy little guy. And that is what I want most for you.